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Take Your Amsterdam Escort for a Night on the Town

Going out to dinner in Aalsmeerderbrug with an escort Amsterdam has to offer is a great way to kick back and relax. What could be more relaxing than sitting and talking with a beautiful girl while you eat a sizzling steak and share a bottle of wine? Your night could then turn into drinking cocktails after the food has been cleared away, heading back to your apartment or your hotel room, and enjoying each other until the sun comes up. Check out some of these great places to start your evening:

Eetcafé De Walrus II

This is a very simple café, but it is located in a historic building that is like few other restaurants in the area. This gives it a lot of appeal, especially if you are not from the Netherlands and you want to explore the historic side of the city. The restaurant’s small size means that extra care can be put into each meal. You and your Amsterdam escort can find this establishment at Aalsmeerderdijk 452, 1436 BM Aalsmeerderbrug, and you can call it at +31 297 325 148.

L'Hirondelle Horeca B.V.

As your escort Amsterdam has provided you will confirm, some of the best restaurants in the area are actually in nearby Hoofddorp. The L'Hirondelle Horeca B.V. is one such restaurant. It is situated on the shore of a small lake, so the view is terrific, especially if you are having dinner and drinks around sunset. The menu gives you many options, including traditional Dutch specials that are always changing. Your escort will enjoy the wine menu, which has many imported vintages from France, Australia, and the United States. This place can be found at Boslaan 7, 2132 RJ Hoofddorp, Netherlands. You can call to make a reservation by dialing +31 23 562 4628.

Restaurant Long Island

Like the restaurant listed above, Restaurant Long Island is located at the water's edge for spectacular views. Your Amsterdam escort will enjoy sitting out on the back terrace and sipping a mixed drink made by the fabulous bartenders, who can make drinks from all over the world. The menu includes, among many other dishes, a roasted chicken sandwich, a salad topped with salmon, and a platter of cheese, meat, and flatbread that allows you to create your own meal. To call, just use the following phone number: +31 23 888 1868. You can find this establishment at IJweg 1270, 2133 MJ Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

How to Contact Escort Amsterdam Ladies

Do you want to get in touch with us to meet the gorgeous escort Amsterdam has to offer, who will make your date the best one you have ever had? To find a beautiful woman to take to any of these local hotspots, just give us a call at your earliest convenience.

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