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Become seduced by Alicia and her Alluring Kitty Cat Eyes!

Alicia is a 22 year old student from Italy. This Kitty Cat has a perfect rock hard little body with no tattoos or body

piercings. She is very curious to meet new people and experience erotic and exciting sexual experiences.

Alicia is always tastefully dressed and always willing to comply with any request regarding fashion or sexy lingerie.

This beauty is truly exception when you consider her age and open minded attitude towards sex.

You won't be disappointed!
Alicia standing with her butt facing you. 
Alicia bending over near couch, hand at her knee. 
Alicia doggie style on couch, butt in the air. 
Alicia standing up topless pulling dress down.
Alicia standing topless pulling down dress below butt.
Alicia standing topless, pulling Black panties down.

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