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Stroll Down Lover's Lane with an Escort Amsterdam Men Will Admire

Meeting women when traveling to new cities is a major challenge. While you might feel comfortable chatting in singles bars in your home country, conversing with women in the Netherlands can be tricky if you don't speak Dutch. Any escort Amsterdam has to offer you will speak more than enough English to carry on engaging conversation. Planning a date with one of our Amsterdam escort girls will brighten up the most boring business trip.

When You Want the Best Escort, Amsterdam Is Your City

The permissive laws and attitudes of the Netherlands has convinced many of the most attractive women from around the globe to relocate. Nearly every escort Amsterdam is home to moved to the city to enjoy more freedoms. These Amsterdam escort girls combine intelligence and beauty to create the perfect package. If you'd like a rowdy night out on the town, let your erotic companion accompany you to some of these hot spots.

Trouw - +31(0)20 463 7788: Head down to Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam, to visit one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the entire city. If you can get your name on the guest lists or snag tickets for a performance, be sure to take an escort Amsterdam ladies will envy as she walks in arm and arm with you.

Supperclub - +31(0)20 344 6400: This ultra-sleek club has been serving visitors and residents the hottest music and best drinks for over 20 years. Dance the night away with any gorgeous escort Amsterdam supplies you with, then head to your hotel room for a little more privacy. You can find this icon of European nightlife at Jonge Roelensteeg 21, Amsterdam.

A Sweet Lunch Date with a Lovely Amsterdam Escort

Not all dates have to involve romantic dinners with your escort. Amsterdam is home to dozens of interesting bakeries and other shops specializing in sweet treats. Consider one of these cozy spots for a romantic date in the afternoon or early evening.

Le Fournil De Sebasrien - +31(0)20 672 4211: This classic French bakery makes it easy to enjoy the best pastries without a trip out of the country. Sandwiches and fresh breads are also available throughout the day. Find this café at Olympiaplein 119, Amsterdam.

Patisserie Holtkamp - +31(0)20 624 8757: This full service bakery shop is located at Vijzelgracht 15, 1017 HM Amsterdam. Enjoy freshly baked cakes, tarts, and cookies, or take home a box of designer chocolates. The café also serves delicious savory croquettes and other sandwiches. There are treats to indulge every diner.

Lanskroon - +31(0)20 623 7743: Stop in for a cup of tea and share your life story with your favorite escort. Amsterdam residents have been enjoying their traditional Dutch desserts for years, but you and your favorite Amsterdam escort girls deserve to sample their decadent creations as well. Head to Singel 385, 1012 WL Amsterdam.

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