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Escort Amsterdam Ladies in Zandvoort Welcome Visitors

It is often said that you never really know what a country is like until you eat some of the local food. In this way, food can expose you to the culture more completely than just looking at historic sites or tourist hotspots. Here at Escort Amsterdam ladies, we believe that you also need to interact with local people in a personal, even intimate setting. The local girls will make you feel very exotic with their sexy accents and their beautiful bodies. If you want to feel like you really understand Amsterdam, you need to spend time with an escort Amsterdam has to offer.

Legal Marijuana

Another thing to consider while you are here is that marijuana can be purchased legally in this city. If you are coming from a country that still has restrictions on using this wonderful medicinal plant, being able to buy it over the counter at a coffee shop, all with an Amsterdam escort on your arm, will be exciting and intriguing. Again, it really speaks to the local culture and the way that the society is set up. If you take one of our sexy girls to a coffee shop and share some local weed, you will get a grasp on just how wonderful Amsterdam can be. Below are two shops in Zandvoort that you may want to consider.


Just ask the escort Amsterdam has given you what she thinks of this coffee shop, and you will find out very quickly that it is unique; while most other shops are in small brick buildings on crowded streets, Yanks is in a large building that looks like a log cabin. The whole shop is themed around Native Americans. The outdoor seating, at wooden tables on a brick patio, is terrific. You and your escort Amsterdam has provided can really kick back and relax, enjoying the summer sun and the best weed around. The shop is located at Dorpsplein 2, 2042 JK Zandvoort. To learn more about this shop, give them a call at the following number: 0031 (0)23 5719455.

Coffeeshop La Paz

When you and your Amsterdam escort step in this shop, you will find that it is much different than Yanks. It is darker and is in a smaller building, but the nice thing about it is the absence of huge crowds. This is a great place if you want to spend some time getting to know each other without the crowd. You can call them at 0031 (0)23 5730861. The shop itself is located at Stationsstraat 9 – 11, 2042 LD Zandvoort.

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As you can see, the Netherlands really has a lot to offer. You can make your all your fantasies come true with an escort Amsterdam has provided by calling us as soon as you can.

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