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Bernadette Is the Amsterdam Escort Date You’ve Been Waiting For!

Meet Bernadette. Because she’s a creative hair stylist who has a passion for all things fashion. Therefore Bernadette loves to model some of her favorite pieces of clothing for you. Because she has a preference for fine lingerie, and you’ll be stunned as she poses for you in a variety of skimpy finery.

Seek out a highly sought after escort that Amsterdam, because local Bernadette knows all of the hottest spots in town. Join her in upscale dining, gallery visiting, nightclub dancing and more. Because as a pastime she especially loves is checking out the latest additions to the clothing shops. Allow her to treat treat you to a private fashion show while she selects new pieces for her wardrobe.

Artist By Day, Sex Goddess By Night

Enjoy the day, Bernadette gets artistic at the salon, cutting, coloring and styling the hair of her clients. Switch gears when she becomes your escort, while other Amsterdam men stand in awe. Look at what she creates for you, from her luscious locks down to her stiletto heels. Walk around on air and feel the jealousy from other men and she enters the room!

Get yourself some good conversation, Bernadette will be the engaging date who can discuss everything with. From politics to gardening to the latest book she’s read. Because no matter where you go or what you do, she’s sure to be the alluring and sophisticated. Bernadette will be the woman of your dreams, sending you home with stories to share, or maybe just some private memories for you to cherish.

Find the high class escort Amsterdam is known for, and a creative companion who shines among other Amsterdam escorts, make a date with Bernadette. Take her out for the evening in katwijk and visit the Beach Club, because she’s waiting for your call!