Dining In Amsterdam

Amsterdam the Ultimate Travel Destination

It could be argued that there is no better place to go on vacation than Amsterdam. It’s a vibrant city with a rich local culture and a huge revolving tourist population. It manages to have that new, trendy vibe and to still be historic and charming. It’s the perfect balance. Below are a few of the reasons you shouldn’t go anywhere but Amsterdam for your next trip.

Enjoy Fine Dining with Your Amsterdam Escort

Do you love going out for a great meal? What about a great meal with a beautiful woman that begins an evening of fun and fantasy? Fortunately, Amsterdam is full of fabulous restaurants where the two of you can enjoy amazing cuisine, and get to know each other a little better before settling in for the night.

Like any big European city, Amsterdam is a hub of activity of all sorts. Whether you’ve spent the day checking out the coast, touring museums or shopping, few things can top it off like a fancy dinner with the finest dining companion. You’ll be able to find something for every taste or diet, and take in an environment that suits the experience the two of you want to create.

Popular Restaurant Picks

Interested in something with a French flair? Check out Blue Spoon for a blend of earthy Dutchness and French cuisine. With a minimal décor and an outdoor courtyard inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the setting is perfect for focusing on each other and indulging in delicious food. If you like seafood, the bouillabaisse comes highly recommended. 

Envy is a place for inventive Dutch cuisine and cozy atmosphere. From small, sharable portions to Italian charcuterie, you’ll love trying out all kinds of dishes. Be sure to ask for a side table, where the two of you can be comfortable and nestled in.

For those who love a unique atmosphere, Da Kas (meaning greenhouse in Dutch) is a gem. Much of the food eaten in the restaurant is grown and harvested on site, and most of the rest is sourced from local farms. Edible flowers, an emphasis on health and a passion for local food create a delightful place for you and your Amsterdam escort to stop for a meal.

Restaurant Greetje is known for taking classic Dutch cuisine and transforming it into modern and exciting dishes, and changing the reputation of regional food. For example, you can enjoy goose fat with bread instead of butter, and delicious mashed potatoes with seasonal vegetables.

Best New Amsterdam Restaurants

It’s no secret that there are some great restaurants that you can go to in Amsterdam if you’re going on a date with a beautiful escort. Whether you want seafood, steak, local dishes, ethnic food, fine dining or some combination of the above, the city has so many options that it will be easy to find what you crave. However, if you’re interested in trying something new, consider taking the sexy Amsterdam escort to one of these restaurants.

Bar Mick

This is a place where you can get one of the best burgers in town, cooked to perfection and stacked high with toppings. However, they really focus on having a good variety of offerings, with menu items like steaming potato-bacon soup, flaky croissants, mouth-watering ravioli, fresh-caught cod and more. On top of that, they are dedicated, as their slogan says, to serving you coffee until it’s time to drink a beer.

Restaurant I-Dock

Maybe you’re after something a bit fancier than Bar Mick; for a stunning meal and an even better view, you have to check out I-dock. You and the Amsterdam escort can enjoy a sweeping view of the city that is best at night, with all of the glimmering lights, especially when you’re looking down at their reflection in the harbor water. For food, they have everything from roasted duck to seared swordfish to fish and chips.

Bar Huf

Rustic wooden tables give this restaurant a terrific old-world vibe, especially when you’re sipping a glass of bourbon or drinking beer out of a towering glass mug. The food isn’t as fancy, with offerings like a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, homemade fries, and milkshakes, but it is all just so good that you’ll want to come back time and time again. This is a relaxed place where you go to enjoy yourself and your meal.

KU Kitchen & Bar

If your tastes run more toward modern than rustic, this is a great place to check out. There is neon lighting to set the stage and a sleek design that stands out in this city. The food they have is also more along modern lines – with sushi, raw greens, and duck rolls, for example – and it is done with a flair for the dramatic. Everything is presented perfectly. This is an upscale place that stands apart from the more traditional restaurants of the area, with a new-world style.

This is far from all that you can find in Amsterdam, but these are some of the newest. You can easily spend a great evening with the Amsterdam girls, enjoying your meal, your drinks and your company. Thought it’s not new, we’d also recommend ending your night at Brouwerij ‘t IJ. It’s the best local brewery in the city, and, since it was constructed inside an old windmill, it gives you a great cultural experience. The beer is fresh and on tap, with a wide range of standard options and some seasonal offerings.

How a Meal Can Enhance Your Evening

What could be more sensuous than an amazing meal? Better yet, the fine restaurants of Amsterdam give you and your gorgeous escort a place to talk, indulge and take in some of the local culture. Whether you’re here for the first time or are intimately acquainted with the city, you’ll be bound to find something new and exciting when your tastes are upscale.

The great things about quality food is that it tends to be gentler on the body than stuffing yourself with street food or fried things in the pub. Keep yourself feeling energized and prepared for an adventurous, sexy evening that your escort will be sure you don’t soon forget.

Delicatessen Zeeburg: Beer, Food and Indie Music

If you’re into indie music, art and beer, the Delicatessen Zeeburg is the place for you, perfectly bringing all three together. You and the Amsterdam escorts should hit up this little place for a date night out on the city. It’s found in a residential area, but don’t let the location or the size fool you: It’s the place to be, especially in the evenings. The owner himself has been a part of Amsterdam’s music scene almost for longer than anyone can remember, and he used the place to spread his love of music —- though he was always a bit more into rock and roll than the low-key indie music provided here —- with both tourists and locals alike.

Thinking about checking it out during the day, just to see what you think of it? Feel free to drop in, and you’ll find that it’s a boutique shop that sells local art, various types of clothes, records and other such items. It’s not a bustling little store, but more of a place where people come to browse and check out the wares, occasionally making a purchase. You almost get the feeling that the owner does not care if he makes a lot of sales, and you’d be right. He’s far more interested in the intimate concerts that take place when the store is closed.

We say intimate because this place really isn’t that big. You’re looking at around 50 people, maybe 70 at the most. Some nights, it might just be two dozen or so. This all puts you in close proximity to the artists and entertainers, and it’s very different than standing in a packed concert hall with thousands of other people, watching someone up on stage. You’re a lot closer, you and the Amsterdam escorts really get to feel the music, and everyone is honestly there for the show. If you’ve only gone to big concerts in the past —- which can be good in their own way —- this is absolutely a venue that you’ll want to check out.

During the concerts, you can buy both food and drinks. They have a lot of vegetarian options, but they’re all really well done and they’re not that expensive. The beer is good and plentiful, and it’s also about as cheap as it can get. You know how large concert halls increase the prices because they know they have a captive audience? This place is the opposite of that. The prices are pretty low because they want it to be fun and accessible.

A trip to the Delicatessen Zeeburg may be exactly what you and the Amsterdam escorts have been looking for. It’s fun, inexpensive, and culturally relevant. You’ll get to hear music by acts that would never make their way out of the Netherlands, local artists that are hard to find anywhere else. It’s an intimate setting, providing entertainment without being as loud and overwhelming as a bar or a club. It makes for a different sort of night out, but one that you and these beautiful girls will enjoy.

Take Your Time Choosing

Please take a little time to look around our site, and start planning your perfect Amsterdam experience. When you have a beautiful girl on your arm, everything will be that much better, from the sites and sounds to the food and nightlife. Get in touch today!

Multiple Beer Choices at Brouwerij ‘t Bar Amsterdam